How to Improve Conversions with Pickfu A/B Testing Tool

Use Pickfu, an A/B testing tool for images, to get real demographics data on the best thumbnail to use for your Amazon listing prior to product launch!

You may be wondering, “Why do I need to an A/B testing tool like Pickfu?”

Most new (and some experienced) sellers may not realize just how critical having a high-definition, professional-looking thumbnail image is for conversions on Amazon.

Even if your product is superior to your competitors and you have chosen the right keywords to rank for, most customers will scroll right past your listing in the search results unless it has an attractive, compelling lead image.


Having a poor-quality photo as your product’s first impression can turn many customers off of your product. Even if some click into your listing out of curiosity, but do not buy and leave, your product’s bounce rate increases. Unfortunately, Amazon will also take notice as well.

An increasing bounce rate and lack of sales contribute negatively to your overall conversion rate and can have far-reaching consequences, including:

  • Lowering your listing’s position in page ranking for your desired keywords
  • Decreased visibility of your PPC ads on Amazon

To ensure your product stays high in the rankings (eventually getting to the #1 spot on page 1) and makes your marketing campaign worth the money, you need to convert lookers into buyers. The best way to grab a customer’s attention among all the other listings in their search results will be a strong, interesting thumbnail that shows off your product in high definition.

However, how do you know the thumbnail you have chosen as your lead image is going to do well with customers? The best way to get accurate data on the matter is to split test your image against others (both competitors and alternates of your own) to see what people will find most appealing.


Amazon Seller Central allows for some third-party programs to test your images on their effectiveness, but the problem is that you have to launch your product to use it. This situation is a problem because while you are testing your image, you are spending money on marketing campaigns and ads.

If your image turns out to be weaker than others, you could be wasting money on your current campaign and will have to spend more to adjust the images.

Pickfu has created an essential A/B testing tool for Amazon images that presents your image candidates to volunteers in a poll to see which image they prefer. Beyond that, each polling session yields valuable data such as the demographics of the group and who chose what.

Demographic data from Pickfu’s A/B testing tool can assist you in adjusting your image strategy and even your keywords.

How the Pickfu A/B Testing Tool Works

Before launching your product, come up with 2 or 3 solid images of your product that are Amazon TOS compliant (white background, no composites, etc.). You can then send these images to Pickfu who will poll around 50 people to get feedback on your images, including personal demographics and comments.

Demographics allows you to determine what kind of image will be best for your target audience and help you to put out an ad campaign that will better target these people to greater effect.

You are also able to phrase your questioning however you want; for example, you can ask, “Which of these images are you more likely to buy?”

For single sessions using Pickfu’s A/B testing tool, basic 50-person packages start at $50 at the time of this blog’s publication. Subscriptions are also available on their Pricing & Plans page.

You can also upgrade your packages in a few ways including:

  • Choose certain types of people to be polled via demographic targetings, such as only using Amazon Prime members
  • Increasing the number of people polled up to 500
  • 8 polling options are available
  • Adjust how respondents see your options, such as all together at once or head-to-head in pairs


Have questions or feedback about your experience with Pickfu’s A/B testing tool for Amazon images? Let us know in the comments below!

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