The Best Amazon Profitability Calculator

The Amazon Profitability Calculator is a new tool in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension that lets you see how profitable a product would be at a glance.

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension has a new Amazon tool – the Amazon Profitability Calculator!

What if you had an Amazon Profitability Calculator tool that let you know ahead of time if a certain product you have considered selling will be able to make a profit? This innovation from Helium 10 gives you the power to see how profitable a particular product would be at a glance if you sold it. This kind of tool would be very valuable if you are always wondering what your Amazon business total revenue is, or if you are making any net profit.

You will be able to check out details like the following:

  • Product dimensions and weight
  • FBA storage fees
  • Profit margin percentages
  • Shipping fees
  • Current item price
  • Product sizing
  • and more!

Check out our video on the new Amazon Profitability Calculator:


To access the Amazon Profitability Calculator, log into Helium 10 via the member dashboard and ensure that you have not disabled third-party cookies in Chrome.


Go to Amazon and navigate to a product listing you want information on. Access the tool in one of three ways:

#1 The Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This is the most straightforward way as it appears in the extension list with Xray and the other tools. Select the Helium 10 extension icon on the Chrome toolbar in the top right corner to display the tool list.

amazon fba fee calculator

#2 The Helium 10 Product Listing Analytics

Scroll down the listing to find the Helium 10 section of the listing that displays our Amazon analytics. On the toolbar, select the “Profitability Calculator” option to open the pop-up window.

fba revenue calculator

#3 Search Results Page

If you are browsing over multiple products, this option will allow you to view the Amazon Profitability Calculator for many products without having to click into the listings individually. When Helium 10’s browser extension is enabled, you will see a  “Calculate Fees” link on each listing. Just click the “Calculate Fees” link to open the Amazon FBA fee calculator widget.

calculate fulfillment fees

Amazon Profitability Calculator Elements

fba profit calculator

The new tool provides a lot of helpful information for FBA sellers to use, including the following:

  • Dimensions: The length, width, and height of the item in inches.
  • Weight: The heft of the item in pounds.
  • Outbound Shipping Weight: The heft of the item in pounds, including the packaging.
  • Size Tier: The standardized Amazon size category of the box that the item will be shipped in (ex. Oversized).
  • Price: The current price of the product on its respective Amazon listing in US dollars.
  • Estimated Time in Storage: The average length of time the item is expected to remain in storage before being purchased and shipped to a customer.
  • Estimated Unit Manufacturing Cost: The average cost to the seller to have a supplier manufacture one unit of the product.
  • Estimated Freight Cost (with measurement options): The average spacial cost to the seller for transporting the items from the supplier to the seller’s warehouse; the Amazon Profitability Calculator provides different units of measurement to match your preferred shipping method.
  • Unit Freight Cost: The average cost to transport an individual item unit.
  • Storage Fees for January – September: The estimated fees a seller will pay per unit to store his or her inventory through Amazon fulfillment services from January to September
  • Storage Fees for October – December: The estimated fees a seller will pay per unit to store his or her inventory through Amazon fulfillment services from October to December (peak holiday season).
  • FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Fee: The fees a seller will pay for using Amazon FBA services that cover picking, shipping, returns, customer service, and other services found in Seller Central.
  • Referral Fee (15%): The fee a seller must pay for using FBA fulfillment services; a seller will pay an average of 15% of the product selling price.
  • Net Fees for January – September: The total sum of the fees the seller will pay per item sold during the January – September timeframe.
  • Margins for January – September: The percentage of an item’s revenue that will be taken by Amazon for fees during the January – September timeframe.
  • Net Fees for October – December: The total sum of the fees the seller will pay per item sold during the October – December timeframe.
  • Margins for October – December: The percentage of an item’s revenue that will be taken by Amazon for fees during the October – December timeframe.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the metrics listed above may differ for other Amazon marketplaces where Helium 10’s Amazon Profitability Calculator is available, such as units of measurement and currency.

Additionally, the following calculator values can be changed at any time to produce more accurate results for your product research: Dimensions, Weight, Price, Est. Time in Storage, Unit manufacturing Cost, and Est. Freight Cost.

How Your Packaging Can Affect Your Fulfillment and Order Fees

Whether you are a new selling on Amazon or have been running your business for some time now, some people don’t realize just how much your order packaging can have on the overall cost to ship your product to a customer.  

Amazon has set standard sizing for its shipping boxes, and your product gets categorized for the size to which the product will fit comfortably. When planning the size of your final product, take the sizing of its packaging into account as well. The dimensions and weight all play a factor in your final order costs, and thus your profitability.

Armed with this information, you can get a real idea about what sourcing and selling a product will be like in reality. You will just need to estimate costs like manufacturing and shipping, but once you have those you will have a fairly good idea what the potential profit margin will be.

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Have questions or comments about the Helium 10 Amazon Profitability Calculator? Let us know below in the comments!

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