Relaunch Amazon Products: How to Give Your Listing a Second Wind

Would you ever relaunch Amazon products? If your Amazon product listing is not pulling in the organic traffic or sales you were hoping for, you may want to.

When items have disappointing conversion rates, some sellers opt to relaunch Amazon products rather than simply cutting their losses and remove the listing altogether. However, is trying to give an underwhelming product that’s already on the ropes a second wind the right choice for your product listing that is on the ropes?

Should You Retire an Underperforming Product Instead?

If a product fails to gain any significant ranking or a decent conversion rate after the initial product launch, many people will opt to take the product listing down from Amazon. They think, “This product is only COSTING me money instead of MAKING me money, so why keep it around?”

But before you completely pull the plug on any new launch plans for your old product, you may want to evaluate your product listing (and perhaps even the item itself) for any of these flaws:

Reasons Your Product Listing May Have Low Sales

  • Poor keyword choices – Some or all the keywords being targeted by your product listing are one or more of the following:
    • Irrelevant to your product
    • Overly competitive in your product niche (you are NOT ranking high for these keywords)
    • The search volume is too low or non-existent
  • Wrong category – You launched your product in a category that may not have been well suited for your niche.
  • Poor product description and bullet points – Potential customers found the text of your listing to be one or all of the following:
    • Too vague
    • Too technical
    • Had no call to action
    • Did not highlight the strongest features of your product
  • Poor Images – The images used were unclear or of low quality
  • The marketing campaign is not driving traffic – Customers may find your Amazon and social media ads misleading, or the ads may be out of touch with the target audience
  • Too many bad product reviews or a low star score – Your product’s overall review score is poor because of any number of reasons, some of the more common ones being the following:
    • The claims of the product listing don’t match the actual product
    • The product is built poorly (the product comes apart too easily)
    • Low-quality materials used in construction
    • The product functions differently than stated

From small oversights to glaring errors, there are many reasons why your product is not getting the sales as you had hoped. Whatever the case may be, ensuring these errors are not present when you relaunch Amazon products is paramount to your success.

Why Relaunch Amazon Products?

Whether your product is a book, gadget, clothing item, or anything else among the many Amazon categories, trying to relaunch Amazon products is not as far-fetched of an idea as some people in the e-commerce space may have you believe. There is always a new opportunity to employ a well-thought-out product launch after a failed launch or a streak of stagnant sales.

What Happens When You ReLaunch Your Product?

Just like giving an old car or house a new coat of paint, customers will view the product with a fresh perspective, especially if you market the product as “new and improved.” Highlight every detail you can about how your product’s past issues have been resolved. You will also get a second chance at boosting your sales velocity using a proven product launch strategies such as the Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) method.

People will see your improvements and likely decide to give your product another chance, providing you have addressed any faults with your product, listing, or brand as a whole.

How to Relaunch Amazon Products with More Success

Unlike doing a launch for new products, you will have to do a lot of serious research into why your initial product listing failed. Your research should turn up information on how your product can be corrected or improved. Such changes should vastly improve your ability to relaunch Amazon products under your brand to engage and attract customers over time.

Audit Your Product

Taking a hard, honest look at the product is a good first step to finding the source behind a sales slump. Often, the root cause of low sales can be associated with negative reviews provided by customers who are disappointed by their purchase.

Some aspects of the actual product that you may want to examine with great scrutiny include the following:

  • Your supplier’s methods of crafting your product to see if any flaws exist in the item’s construction.
  • The materials used in creating your product to see if using a higher quality component is necessary.
  • The design to see if the products shape, size, and construction are inefficient, ineffective, or outdated.
  • The product packaging to see if it is attractive to customers and adequately protects the product while in transit.
  • The text written on your product’s packaging or any documentation within the package to see if the information on the product and any corresponding service is accurate.

Make Product Changes (If Applicable)

If you want to change those negative reviews into positive reviews, or just improve your brand image in time for a new launch, you should also evaluate the information provided by your product’s reviews. In a way, negative comments about your product are doing you a great service by illuminating common issues people are having with it.

Once you have determined what (if any) issues may be hampering your product’s ability to garner attention on Amazon, contact your supplier immediately so they can begin implementing your changes on your next shipment of inventory.

Audit Your Listing

As the face of your Amazon e-commerce business, your brand is very important for maintaining sales and your reputation as a seller. The first impression most people will get of your brand is your product listing.

Even if your product is better than your competitors, your listing is what ultimately gets eyeballs on your product and contributes to your sales.

Some aspects of the product listing that you may want to examine with even greater scrutiny include the following:

  • The keywords you are targeting for your product to see if you can find much more relevant, less competitive long-tail keywords that can earn your more organic traffic.
  • The product images and video used to show the product to see if a) the main image follows the Amazon Terms of Service and b) is attractive enough among competitors in the same niche.
  • The text within the product listing description and bullet points to see if the copy is engaging, informative, tells an interesting story and gives a clear call to action.

Optimize Your Listing

Once you have identified all the discrepancies in your product listing, use that information to fully optimize every part of it from the main image to the backend keywords. Most of these aspects can be easily researched and optimized with the Helium 10 set of tools. Once you have fixed these issues, you are on your way to prepping for your next big launch.

Create a Product Launch Coupon Campaign

Amazon may be the big e-commerce platform to launch your product again, but don’t forget about attracting customers from platforms outside of Amazon as well.

Creating Facebook ads that distribute heavy discount coupons is an integral part of the Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) system. We recommend using the CPR system for an initial product launch as well as relaunching an existing product.

Check out these great explanations for creating and distributing your Amazon product coupons via Facebook Ads:

How to Set Up Facebook Offers To Distribute Amazon Single-Use Coupon Codes

How To Create Amazon Facebook Ads for Killer Product Launches

Additionally, you can distribute your discount coupons using chatbot software such as ManyChat to automate an interaction and call to action with customers during your product launch timeframe.

Check out this great video for how to set up a chatbot to distribute coupons for your product launch:

Make More Money & Get Top Ranking with Chatbot Facebook Marketing

Have you ever wanted to relaunch Amazon products to give them another chance at success? Share your experiences with relaunch products in the comments below!

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