Prestozon walkthrough with Augustas Kligys – Demo Mondays

We recently sat down with Augustas Kligys for his Demo Mondays series. We explore Prestozon and give a complete demo of how to use it. Enjoy!


Here are the show notes with times:

0:44 What is Prestozon?
01:16 What kind of Amazon sellers are the best fit for Prestozon?
01:51 What Amazon marketplaces are covered?
02:25 Overview of the presentation: demo and then explanation how to solve 3 PPC issues using Prestozon
02:57 Overview of the main screen of Prestozon
03:09 The main goal of Prestozon
03:20 Analytics: explanation of different Charts. Navigating between different
03:51 Analytics: Campaign Explorer – see how each of your campaigns rank. Sorting of the campaigns
04:12 Adding different levels of breakdowns of campaigns
04:34 Analytics: Ad Group Explorer
04:41 Analytics: Keyword Explorer
05:00 Analytics: Search Term Explorer – aggregating search terms across all of the campaigns. Helps you to analyze the search term performance. This is a feature not available anywhere else.
06:08 Bid Wizard – the magical part of Prestozon – generates suggestions for each keyword
06:54 Change History – shows all the changes made in the campaigns: inside and outside of Prestozon as well as using Prestozon’s automations
07:24 Campaign Manager – managing the campaigns and turning on the automations
08:25 Overview of the Prestozon interactions
08:55 What does it mean “enough data” when pulling data from Amazon. How Prestozon aggregates sponsored ads data
11:36 “Search Terms” tab on the page about a single keyword
12:07 Explanation of the colors on the Search Terms reports
13:13 Adding Negative Keywords to the Amazon
13:57 Reading the data since the last bid change
14:12 Changing the bid
14:48 What can you edit in the Campaign Manager
15:45 Talking about the features, which are planned to be released in the near future
16:25 Upcoming feature: automating negative keywords
16:40 Upcoming feature: keyword promotions
17:04 Upcoming feature: different wizards
17:25 How do you connect your Amazon account with Prestozon?
19:04 About connecting multiple accounts with the software
19:23 How different Amazon marketplaces are added
19:50 Pricing overview
21:54 Showing how the automation can be turned on or off
23:26 What is the best way for users to get support
24:53 What are the most popular features of Prestozon? (Search Term Explorer and Automation)
26:30 Offer: a coupon to get a 1 month free subscription
26:47 Overview how you can troubleshoot and fix 3 common Sponsored Products performance problems using Prestozon:
– search terms that are costing money –> making them into negatives
– creating new keywords from search terms
– overall account performance evaluation
38:04 Integration with the headline search ads
38:47 Why you should choose Prestozon over the PPC Scope software
40:09 Are there any plans to integrate AMS?
40:55 Email addresses of Ben and team @ Prestozon

Watch the demo on the Demo Mondays site:

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