How to Increase Amazon Sales with Helium 10 + New Dashboard!

We've made our dashboard more user-friendly and intuitive! Also, find out how Helium 10 tools work together to increase Amazon sales & launch products!

Learn how to increase Amazon sales by following the Helium 10 Amazon Seller Journey! Also, the dashboard gets a facelift!

We have some great announcements from Helium 10 for better navigation of our tools and more opportunity to increase Amazon sales with your listings! Firstly, we have updated our Helium 10 dashboard interface to be much more user-friendly and intuitive than ever before! Members can access all the tools right from the new main menu on the homepage in addition to the column on the left.

Helium 10 tools

Additionally, we have moved most of the tool-specific buttons to a second toolbar below the main one, which will be used primarily for whole-account functions.

Helium 10 cerebro

On the left column, we have also reordered our tools to represent the order in which Amazon sellers would use them, beginning with product research tools at the top and money-saving ongoing maintenance tools at the bottom.

Check out the video here:


If you are new to Helium 10 or have heard of us but aren’t sure how all the tools fit together to increase Amazon sales, the infographic below will explain how the Helium 10 Amazon Seller Journey works and which tools help you with each step:

Helium 10 Tools

IMPORTANT: Helium 10 derives its data estimates from Amazon trends, rendering the most accurate product trends and information you’ll find among other tools for Amazon sellers. Other tools may derive their information from search engines like Google or Bing, but we feel estimating data from the more reliable source provides our customers with the most accurate numbers and highest satisfaction.

We also suggest using the tools in the order they are listed below for to fully utilize the power of the Helium 10 suite of tools so you can increase Amazon sales with your listings and launch more successful products with a top ranking.

Here are the six steps of the Amazon Seller Journey; this infographic should provide you with a little extra clarity on how to use the Helium 10 suite of tools to help you increase Amazon sales on your seller journey:

1 Product Research

In this first group of tools, you’ll find software designed to help you find your next perfect product to sell. These tools include:

  • Black Box – Uncover potential product ideas from Amazon with access to data from over 450 million products currently listed on Amazon.
  • Xray (Helium 10 Chrome Extension) – Dive deeper into the market to validate product ideas and see how much money is made by every ASIN that shows up in the search results.
  • Review Downloader (Helium 10 Chrome Extension) – Sort product reviews by desired criteria to uncover valuable customer insights to create better products than your competitors.
  • Inventory Level (Helium 10 Chrome Extension) – Check competitor inventory levels to see how much they have in stock so you can gauge the strength of competitors.
  • Additional Chrome Extension Data – Use Helium 10’s Chrome Extension to see extensive, highly-accurate data on individual products on Amazon at a glance, check seasonality of products, and check the Amazon fees and profitability of a product idea.

2 Keyword Research

In the second group of tools, you’ll be able to find the best keywords to target to get your product to rank higher on the results pages. These tools include:

  • Magnet 2.0 – Complete Amazon keyword lookup—enter a seed keyword to find new keyword ideas that are very relevant to what ranks well for that seed keyword.
  • Cerebro – Reverse ASIN keyword lookup—uncover your competitor’s keyword strategy and see everything they rank for, relevant or not.

3 Listing Building & Optimization

In the third group of tools, you will take your chosen keywords and apply them optimally to create a useful product listing to increase Amazon sales and keep track of how your product is ranking for particular keywords. These tools include:

  • Frankenstein – Turn thousands of keywords into comprehensive, traffic-pulling keyword lists.
  • Scribbles – Optimize your listing, add the most powerful keywords to your Amazon storefront and backend for a fully optimized listing to prevent missing vital keywords.
  • Index Checker – Check and track the indexing of your keywords in your listing to ensure your products show up in customer search results.

4 Launch

In the fourth group of tools, you revisit critical features of Magnet and Cerebro to successfully launch a new product and quickly climb the rankings to page one:

  • Magnet 2.0 – Determine the number of units to give away for specific keywords during a launch.
  • Cerebro – Use the Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) Formula to determine the number of units to give away for specific keywords during a product launch.

5 Ongoing Maintenance

In the fifth group of tools, we provide continuous monitoring software to ensure your listings stay protected and profitable once launched. These tools include:

  • Keyword Tracker – Track all of your keywords including their rank, Amazon badges, and more.
  • Alerts – Prevent Hijacker and Sniper fraud by monitoring your ASINs and alerting you via email or SMS when your listing is compromised or altered.
  • Inventory Protector – Protect your inventory by limiting the number of units per order.
  • Profits – Know your numbers because profitability can make or break any Amazon business.

6 Refunds

In the sixth group, we offer Amazon sellers that have been selling for at least several months and may be owed refund money by Amazon for damaged or missing goods:

  • Refund Genie – Get refunded for lost or damaged inventory that Amazon may not have reimbursed you for.

Have questions about any of our products or services? We love questions about how we can increase Amazon sales, so leave a comment below! Visit for a full overview of each tool we offer.

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