How Much Does Amazon Make a Day?

As of 2022, Amazon makes over $638 million each day in revenue. If you do the math, Amazon makes an average of $7,300 every second.

Are you curious about how much money Amazon makes in a day? According to Amazon’s Fourth Quarter Results, the retail giant generated a revenue of more than $33.36 billion in 2021. During the past few decades, Amazon has gradually expanded to become one of the biggest retail companies in the world. Now, Amazon provides individuals, small business owners, and corporations with an opportunity to make passive income on Amazon, diversifying their revenue streams. 

There are even opportunities for selling new, handmade, and used goods on Amazon. Use this guide to learn more about how much money Amazon makes in a day and where that money comes from. You can also use the links below to navigate the post and skip to the sections you are most interested in.

Breaking Down Amazon’s Daily Revenue

Amazon has grown rapidly during the past few years, and one of the major reasons why has to do with its mobile growth. According to Statista, Amazon has more than 150 million mobile users per month, which is almost twice as many as its closest competitor. It is obvious that Amazon has a stronghold in this area, allowing it to morph into the company it is today.

It is mobile users and the need for fast, convenient delivery options that contribute to its massive growth. So, how much does Amazon make a day? The retail giant brings in approximately $638 million per day. Let’s break down this number even further and take a look at Amazon’s revenue by the hour, minute, and second. 

How much does Amazon make hourly?

If we take Amazon’s daily revenue and break it down, the retail giant brings in between $26 million and $27 million every hour. Starting with the amount of money Amazon makes every day, we can divide that number by 24 hours and get the figures above.

How much does Amazon make per minute? 

By taking the hourly income and dividing it into 60 minutes, Amazon makes approximately $443,000 every minute. That’s right, Amazon makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every minute, and you can take a small piece of that for yourself by selling used goods on Amazon!

How much does Amazon make per second? 

Finally, we can take the figure mentioned in the previous section, divide it by 60 seconds, and see that Amazon brings in more than $17,300 per second. While the exact second by second revenue varies on several other factors, Amazon clearly generates a tremendous amount of income constantly. If you use the right software program to help scale your business, such as Helium 10, you can make money on Amazon as well.

How Much Does Amazon Make a Year?

As mentioned above, Amazon generates close to $470 billion in revenue every year. Amazon has been on a steady path of upward growth during the past few decades. As the internet has gotten more popular and easier to access, Amazon has simply created additional ways to generate revenue. 

While their primary focus is still on providing people with products that are shipped right to their front doors, Amazon has also taken the time to expand its footprint. The company has grown into electronic readers, streaming services, and innovative home products to strengthen its presence in multiple sectors.

How Does Amazon Generate Profit?

Because the company has significantly expanded into various industries, it has found other ways of generating money. According to one interview with an industry insider, Amazon has been able to generate money in various areas by diversifying its income streams. So, if you’re debating between Amazon vs. eBay, remember that Amazon is a much larger online store. 

The most significant revenue stream for Amazon is its Amazon Web Services. This is a cloud computing arm that Amazon has expanded over the past few years. The cloud is a digital space where people can store files, including pictures and videos, and access them remotely down the road. 

Amazon Web Services on a smartphone

Many people love the cloud because they do not have to worry about installing hardware or software programs. Instead, they can purchase a subscription and use other Amazon’s hardware and software. This is particularly helpful for companies that have employees who work remotely. Amazon Web Services, frequently shortened to AWS, has expanded remarkably, and as more people continue to work remotely, it will only continue to grow.

Amazon has also generated a profit by helping other people open their own online stores. For example, you may want to start an online store yourself on their selling platform. You can identify products you think other people will like and leverage the right software programs, such as Helium 10, to help grow your online presence and make money by driving people to your products and services. You can even take advantage of our Helium 10 academy to make sure you use every resource at your disposal. As more people shop on Amazon, there will be several opportunities for you to get involved and make passive income on Amazon as well.

Amazon’s Daily Revenue: FAQs

How much does Jeff Bezos make a day?

It is difficult to figure out how much money Jeff Bezos makes in a day. While he did recently make headlines by going into space, not every dollar that Amazon makes goes into his pocket. He has to pay all of his employees, his family donates a lot to charity, and he has to cover his overhead expenses. Furthermore, Amazon is a publicly-traded company that gives money back to its shareholders. That said, Jeff Bezos is worth billions of dollars and is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

How many sales does Amazon make daily?

The exact figures for Amazon’s daily sales can vary significantly over the course of a year. In 2020 alone, Amazon delivered more than 4 billion packages in the United States. There are also some days where Amazon may ship more packages than average, most notably on Prime Day. 

How much money does Amazon make on Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. On this day, many of Amazon’s most popular items are steeply discounted, giving everyone an opportunity to save on their shopping. While Amazon may have large sales, it has generated more than $11 billion on this day alone. If you have the right online tools, you can make some extra money through your Amazon store on Prime Day as well.

Open Your Amazon Online Store and Use Helium 10 To Maximize Your Growth

So, how much does Amazon make a day? It varies daily, but Amazon makes hundreds of millions of dollars regardless. If you open an online store on Amazon, you can make some extra money as well. Helium 10 can help you get the most out of your Amazon store by helping you figure out which products and services to sell to your target market. Take a closer look at Helium 10 to maximize the revenue opportunities of your online store and optimize your listings for increased traffic. 

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