Amazon Is Going International… And So Are We

As Amazon continues to expand to international marketplaces around the world, Helium 10 is bringing sellers more functionality than ever.

One of the cool things about selling on Amazon is that you can be in almost any country in the world. You may have products for sale in an Amazon marketplace within a country you have never even visited!

Because of this, I have seen incredible growth in how “international” this space has gotten. 

Chance Encounters

Last year, on my way to the Maldives to shoot a Maldives Honeymoon Launch Strategy episode of the podcast, I had a layover in Dubai. I was wearing a Helium 10 t-shirt and was stopped by a TSA officer there.  He did not recognize me personally, however, he recognized the Helium 10 logo. He pulled me aside (giving me a heart attack before he explained himself), telling me that he had just recently started with Helium 10 because he wanted to learn how to sell on Amazon.

Just yesterday I was in line here at an airport in Manila, Philippines, and I get a tap on the shoulder with a, “Aren’t you Bradley from Helium 10?” It was Susan, who creates Amazon videos in Chinese and happened to be on vacation in the Philippines.

A Whole New World

I have gone to Pakistan twice in the last year, across four events, and have spoken in front of over 3,500 people, all of whom were enthusiastic over the Amazon opportunity. Last week was the Prosper show in Las Vegas, and I got to meet so many people in person, many of whom were from overseas. 

People around the world are figuring out that selling on Amazon, or being involved in this industry as a service provider, is a great way to earn an income. On the flip side, due to the pandemic, more people than ever before are buying things online. 

What does this all mean?

Is this something that should worry you? Not at all. No matter where a seller is from, they are all treated equally by the FBA buy box.  

While it is true that you can sell anywhere in the world, sellers who are domestic to the marketplace they sell in will always have a slight advantage due to factors such as being close to their inventory, being able to process local returns, buying samples potentially from Etsy, etc. 

Last week, a seller friend from Eastern Europe messaged me asking if they could pay me to send some products to my warehouse to examine them because they think that their factory messed up with the labeling. It wouldn’t be possible to have Amazon send them the product to check themselves all the way in Eastern Europe. 

In many ways, the “internationalization” of Amazon is a plus, regardless of where you live. As countries like Pakistan and the Philippines advance with experienced individuals in the Amazon space, it creates a positive environment for those who look to outsource tasks from their business such as Product Research, Listing Optimization, and more. 

What Is Helium 10 Doing To Help Make Sure That Sellers Worldwide Are Taken Care Of?

First, the core functionality of our tools is now available in 13 marketplaces! 

Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, India, and   

You do not have to sell in all marketplaces, but if you are successful in one of those marketplaces, it’s very likely that your products would also sell in some of those other countries as well.  

In the past, Amazon sellers would use Google Translate or other rudimentary ways to translate their listings for other marketplaces. Instead of that, make sure that whoever you use to translate, is also using Helium 10 research tools like Cerebro and Magnet for your specific marketplace.  Sometimes for the same product, completely different keywords are the main ones in other languages. 

Looking to learn how to sell on  Make sure to check out the recently updated bonus week 11 of the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket program in your dashboard. You can also view our recent case study on that at Project W.  

Our chrome extension tools which are used by more than 700,000 sellers now can be viewed in Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese for those who are more comfortable reading in those languages.  Just go to the settings button to change the language!

Every “Pro Training” video that we have inside of Helium 10 for one of our tools, and every video in Freedom ticket now has subtitles in English, German, and Spanish. Just hit the CC button to select one of those languages!

What’s New With Bradley?

Personally, I have been building out my team internationally as well!  Adriana and Marcus were hired last year to help with the Spanish and German language markets respectively. 

They have launched new podcasts and blog series. For the German Podcasts and blogs, you can see them in one place here:   

You can explore the Spanish podcast and blog here:

If you want to subscribe to them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, just search for Serious Sellers Podcast.

We also now have Facebook Groups for Spanish and German speakers. 

Make sure to check out the live “Ask Me Anything” they host every week in those groups!

We are just getting started with making Helium 10 more accessible internationally. We want to know how we can help you. Do we need to expand to a certain marketplace with the functionality of our tools? Do you need subtitles or original content in a language not mentioned above? Make sure to email to let us know!

Amazon in 2022 is an international endeavor, and here at Helium 10, we want to make sure that everyone worldwide is taken care of so that you can crush it with your e-commerce goals!

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